Stop-motion animations of tradiational Indian stories

Our ICT project.

Did you enjoy making them, class 4? What stop-motion animation could you make with lots of photos?

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Fair Trade Persuading

While learning about Persuasive letters Class 4 have been learning about structuring an argument. To practice this they discussed the different factors to consider in trying to persuade supermarkets to only stock Fair Trade products. They made videos that persuade using a structured argument. Here are two of them:

What do you think: have they persuaded you? 

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Art Week

This week we have explored working with fabric and have been working on two big projects:

Sewing a flower

Using petal-shaped Binca material and embroidery thread, each child made a colourful pattern which they hand sewed to a felt petal. The flower’s centre is full of woollen pom-poms pollen (a favoured tongue-twister of the week!)


The class 4 tapestry

The children sketched themselves onto rectangles of fabric, using photos of themselves for reference, and then used fabric paints to colour them. They then cut these out and glued the ends to prevent the fabric from fraying.

Meanwhile, in groups (lead by the fearless Mrs Baillon) the children took it in turns to create a painted mural of the school field, including specific details:

IMG_0261 IMG_0260 IMG_0258 IMG_0256















This tapestry is still to be completed, but watch this space!

What did you most enjoy about art week? What do you think about our art works? Could you make anything like this at home?

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Science Afternoon thoughts

This is what some of our children thought about Science afternoon last Friday with some photographs.

A big thank you to everyone who came to support us!

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Investigating the capacities of containers

Today’s Science investigation saw Class 4 measuring the capacities of different containers. They compared and ordered different measuring containers based on their predictions and then took measurements using the scales to test whether their predictions were correct.

They also got the tables rather wet!

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Class Blog: Sports Day

Today was the running events for Sports Day! The following are extracts from some of the different blog post drafts that Class 4 wrote:

On Friday 6th June key stage two had sports day. Everyone had fun running around in the sun. There were 6 races: flat race, egg and spoon race, which I took part in, the hurdles, three legged race, which is a bit hard, bean bag race, which I also did, and relay race.

By Harry and Edan


The trophy, which was a new one this year, is very shiny. The winning team gets to have their coloured ribbon on the handles.


As the whistle blew, the races began. The first race, which was the flat race, went pretty quickly. The races went in this order; the flat race, the egg and spoon race, the hurdles, the three-legged race, the bean bag race and the relay.


When everyone was doing the relay class 3’s yellow team won, class 4’s blue team won, class 5’s green team won and in class 6 the blue team won.

By Amelia and Anaiya

Sports Day was sadly coming to an end for Key Stage 2. As the adjudicators added up the score the winning team so far was yellows, then reds, then blues and finally greens. Even though the score was looking high for yellow any team could have overtaken them. The scores were high for all teams but it was up to the final race.

By Archie and Jamie

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Class blog: Investigating Solids and Liquids – by Louie

Today we have been identifying solids and liquids from each other. We had some materials on each table to go round and decide as a group if they are solids or liquids like rice, salt, plasticine, jelly, flour, water, golden syrup and blue goo. We then went back to our tables and completed a sheet of different objects and explained why they are a solid/liquid. We learnt that if an object is a solid/liquid it will do these things; if it is a liquid it will spill out when put on a surface, whereas if it is a solid it wont spill out when put on a surface. Also if it is a liquid and it is put in a container it will spread to the shape but if it is a solid it will do the opposite.

Written by: Louie


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French Puppet shows

Because sports day was cancelled we took the opportunity to practice our introductory French speaking skills. The children were told to make a Puppet Pro video where characters:

  1. Greeted and introduced themselves
  2. Asked how each other are feeling
  3. Describe an animal they could see

Here are two of les magnifiques videos:

Emily and Daisy’s video

Skye and Olivia’s video

Bravo, Class 4!

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Our Batik Rangoli patterns!

Our brilliant Batik patterns are complete!


Click on the picture to see a larger version

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Indian Rangoli Patterns using Batik dyeing

This week we have been making patterns on pieces of material using Batik dyeing. Tom and Olivia explain how in this video (recorded by Raine)!

Please note that this video is unlisted (regular Youtube viewers are unable to see this video) and it is only accessible through the blog

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